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Poems For the Missing

My name is David Culver...
My name is David Culver...
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-this site is for Shannon Nicole Paulk always.

Poems will be added to this site, from time to time.  Please keep these children in your prayers and thoughts always.  Thankyou.

David Culver.


We will always love you, and miss you Shannon.

-If you have viewed this site, and you wish to write or to correspond with me, please fill free to do so, by using my email addresses below.  I would very much love to hear from anyone.  Perhaps you have lost a child of your own.  I will place your child's picture on this web site, with the complete story.  May God bless you wherever you are.

--David Culver.

Links of interrest...

Please view these pictures- pictures of those who have been taken, or have vanished in some way, not known.  Thankyou.